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Making Sure Your Vehicle Was Properly Repaired (PART 1)

car repair 2Regardless of which auto body shop you’ve chosen to handle any car repair, it is always a must to check and make sure they have done their job properly. Never ever rush out the door and always take the time to inspect your vehicle carefully. There are a lot of repair shops that are in a rush to do the repair process, compromising quality that delivers a vehicle which is not repaired properly. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio listed some helpful tips to help you in inspecting your vehicles.

Check the repair bill

car repair  3The repair bill document must list all of the structural repairs done, from frame and alignment spec sheets to the parts used in the repair process. The repair bill must include the type of parts used and indicate if its used, aftermarket, rebuilt or factory. There are auto body shops that do not include a warranty so better ask what a warranty specifically covers. The repair bill must also contain the incoming mileage and must be checked against the current mileage so you can be rest assured that your car wasn’t used for joyriding.

Inspect the vehicle
Always pay close attention to the areas you are concerned about. Check if the doors, hood and truck open and close smoothly. Inspect the size of the gaps of the panels compared to the opposite side if they fit against the body.

car repair 4Check if paint match
If you are having paint done, check if the painted panels match the body perfectly. Check of there are any dust or imperfections by inspecting the paint at an angle. It should always be smooth and perfect. You can also put the car under the sun to see if the color still matches the rest of the existing body panels. There should have no difference when it comes to coloring. If you see any difference, most probably it was done wrong. You must also check for any overspray or paint on areas that weren’t included on the original problem areas. Look at the windows, body side moldings, rims and chromed panels.