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Protect Yourself from Sun Glare

sun glare 2If you were to choose, what’s the least dangerous weather condition a driver can be in: heavy rain, hail, tornado or bright sunshine?

If you chose bright sunshine, you are wrong! Though driving around under a bright sunshine may be quite a welcome scenario, it has its own hidden danger. The truth is sun glare can blind you, putting you at risk with auto collisions and other auto accidents. Sun glare is seldom considered as a reason for an auto collision, but police reports say otherwise. It is among the most underreported causes of auto collisions and even deaths on the road. Direct sunlight is not the main problem, but from the glare that comes bouncing off from other cars, building windows, water and even the driver’s own dashboard.

sun glare 3During a nice weather, sun glare can happen any time. It can actually hinder you from seeing pedestrians, traffic signals or other vehicles. This critical moment can spell disaster and may even cost you an auto body shop trip at the end of the day. Spring is the worst season for sun glares since the sun hangs at its lowest during morning and evening rush hours.

To help you protect yourself when sun glare strikes, Miracle Body Shop in San Antonio is listing down some practical tips:

  • Keep a set of polarized sunglasses that can cut through glare handy always. Consistently wear them any time you drive.
  • Always keep the windshield clean inside and out as dirt, grime and other matter can magnify the sun glare effect.
  • sun glare 4Carefully position your sun visors in order to block as much direct sunlight as possible without compromising your ability to see the road ahead.
  • The best defence is always maintaining your distance and slow down in order to decrease the reaction time a blinding sun glare can cause.
  • Turning your headlights can improve your visibility to other drivers who may be sun-blinded.
  • Avoid polishing the dashboard top. Most vinyl cleaners can make your dashboard sparkle, increasing the light reflectivity inside the windshield or often termed as “veiling glare”.