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Miracle Body and Paint Always Aim to Satisfy YOU

Miracle Body and Paint has presented lots of points on why it is best to go to an independent auto body and repair shop for an estimate before heading to have your vehicle repaired. If you still need more convincing, we will be giving you one more reason why.

Like what we have said before, those auto body shops that your insurance company refers you to don’t have your welfare in mind. Insurance companies let their clients go to these preferred shops in exchange of making sure they finish the repair a day early so they can save money. This “rushed” deal forces the auto collision repair shop to cut corners or use subpar replacements just to keep the insurance company happy. They become highly dependent on the insurance company so they can receive a steady stream of clients. In this scenario you are not the customer, you and your damaged vehicle just becomes another number to them. What’s more, a lot of these preferred shops give discounts to the insurance company for giving them customers.

Do not despair, Miracle Body and Paint is not one of them. We can work with any insurance companies to ensure you that we will take the RIGHT amount of time we need to completely finish your collision repair, nothing less. We are not dependent on any insurance companies so we aim to satisfy YOU, not them. Since you are our number one priority, we want to make you happier by passing discounts to you through your deductibles. You can depend on us to be always doing the right thing for you, our client.

Texas citizens have the right to choose their auto repair shop and where they want their vehicle serviced. This privilege should make you more vigilant on picking the right auto repair shop to go to. Miracle Body and Paint has garnered an A+ rating with the BBB all because of a strong team that values quality over quantity. If you have been involved in an auto accident and need your car repaired, look no further and call Miracle Body and Paint right away.