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Let Miracle Body and Paint Work Miracles On Your Car’s Paint Job

One of the best ways to distinguish good with bad paint and body shops is with the kind of paint they use for repair. No paint is created the same, therefore the paint’s quality can have a big impact on a car’s paint job. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas will be discussing what makes a paint job good and what you should look for when having your vehicle repaired.

First and foremost, the paint must be durable. Durability is one important factor you can look for if you want quality paint job. Miracle Body and Paint uses only DuPont, the finest and most expensive paint in the market today. DuPont is used by many auto manufacturers because it will not fade over time. In Texas where the brutal sun can damage the car’s paint, DuPont’s longevity is very important.

You will also notice that some paint jobs that looked good at first will start to deteriorate after a couple summer seasons. The reason behind this is because auto body paint needs more than just a one phase process. There are more steps and details on this topic but Miracle will be breaking it down to three important elements:

First important element for a good auto paint job is the primer. Primers basically hold the paint to the body. It also serves as a base color which helps the color of the paint to really show . The second element is the paint. Depending on your desired color and the amount the damaged area is exposed to the harsh environment, two coats may be done. Third and last element is the clear coat which is painted on top of the paint. This protects the paint and makes it shine. It serves as a sunscreen and also a tanning lotion which protects your paint from the harsh environment while allowing your car paint to reveal its true color.

If you want your car to proudly sport the right shade of color you want, choose Miracle Body and Paint. We guarantee our work for life. Choose us and see us work miracles.