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Miracle Body and Paint’s Convenient 3 Step Process

Is this your first time to become involved in an auto accident? Chances are you may not have a clear idea of what to do in order to have your car fixed. Let the premium San Antonio body shop, Miracle Body and Paint, guide you through its simple three step procedure. This standard process keeps things simple and convenient for both newbie and veteran customers of this paint and body repair shop.

First of all, you should get an auto body repair estimate. Miracle Body and Paint will examine your vehicle and estimate how much the repairs will cost based on the damage caused by the auto accident, as well as other factors. Your insurance company may also give you their own estimate. Although the two estimates may not match exactly at first, the insurance company can ask its adjuster to go to Miracle Body and Paint’s collision repair center to verify the differences between the estimates. These estimates will enable us to find out how much deductible discounts we can offer you or what amount of refund we can give you if you don’t have a deductible.

Next, you can have a drop off date scheduled with Miracle Body and Paint, after you choose this auto body repair shop to perform repair work on your vehicle. We will assign one of our team members as your contact person, in case you have any inquiries while the repairs are ongoing.

Finally, you can pick up your vehicle once the collision repairs have been completed. Miracle Body and Paint has quality control inspection points in order to ensure that your vehicle has been properly repaired before we return it to you.

With Miracle Body and Paint, auto body repair does not need to be a complicated and tedious process. If you live in San Antonio or other surrounding areas in Texas, you don’t even need to think twice about choosing Miracle Body and Paint.