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Miracle Body and Paint: The Best San Antonio Body Shop

After 20 years of performing auto body repair on many vehicles, you can be assured that Miracle Body and Paint is an expert at collision repair. And after 20 years of doing its best to give customer satisfaction to its clients, you can also be confident that Miracle Body and Paint provides exceptional customer service.

What are the reasons why Miracle Body and Paint is the best San Antonio body shop?

First, it has a personal touch. The owner himself, Manuel Rubio, is on site to manage the operations and to inspect most of the vehicles before they are returned to their respective owners. He personally checks if the paint and body repair work performed on the vehicles passes his meticulous standards. In the exceptional cases where the customers are not totally satisfied with the repairs, Mr. Rubio does his best to fix the problems.

Next, it offers a guarantee on its repair work. Miracle Body and Paint’s repair work is so good that it will seem as if your car or truck was never involved in an auto accident. Perhaps this is the reason why it has stayed in business all these years and why it has gained more new customers through referrals than through advertising.

And lastly, it provides deductible discounts. Instead of giving discounts to insurance companies in exchange for a spot in these companies’ preferred list, Miracle Body and Paint passes on the discounts to its customers instead. In fact, some customers are even able to have their whole deductible amount discounted so they don’t need to pay anything out of pocket.

Do you live in San Antonio and other surrounding areas in Texas? If your vehicle was damaged because of an auto accident, you don’t even need to wonder where you should have your car or truck repaired. Miracle Body and Paint is the best collision repair shop in town.