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Miracle Body and Paint’s Ultimate Car Care Guide (PART 4)

miracle_car_care_tip_2Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas is back to give you more car care tips so you can prolong the life of your vehicle. Here are some care and maintenance tricks you can do to keep your car running in the best condition.

Choose to park in the shade

If a garage is not available, you can lessen any additional interior damage caused by the sun and heat just by picking a shady spot to park in. If you can’t find any tree or is worried of the bird droppings, you can make use of a car shade instead. There are two types of car shades: those that can be folded and places at the windshield and rear window or those that are pleated and attached to the windshield posts with adhesive, Velcro or suction cups. Another advantage of using car shades is that you won’t step into a very hot interior during sunny days.

Always clean your car’s interiors too

Remember to always vacuum and sponge the interior every car wash. Dirt is considered very abrasive and spilling liquid inside your car can be corrosive. If possible, use a powerful vacuum and not those small cordless ones since they are quite weak. Take note to use the right wand heads as well when vacuuming. Using the wrong wand head can mar and scratch your car’s surface.

miracle_car_care_tip_3Carefully clean dash gauges

To clean your dashboard, just use a soft damp cloth. Do not put too much pressure to avoid scratches which can make it difficult for you to read the gauge in some light conditions.

Protect carpeting by using floor mats

Waffle-styled mats are best when it comes to controlling salt and mud. They keep the water from seeping through and they are considerably easier to clean. Carpet-style mats are good to. Remember to replace them if they are already too worn out.

miracle_car_care_tip_4Use a hose when cleaning mats

Built up dirt particles lead to ugly grind holes in your mat. Hosing the mats can remove dirt particles better; just remember to let it dry thoroughly before reinstallation.