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OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts, Pros and Pons


It happens to all of us, we will at some point have to make repairs to our vehicle, or are in a collision.

OEM parts are designed exactly like the original parts that were installed in your vehicle on the assembly line. However, aftermarket parts are also designed to function similarly. In some cases they may function better than OEM parts or they don’t. It’s all about the vehicle and what works best.

Here we show you some of the Pros and Cons of OEM and Aftermarket Parts.


Easy to choose and simple, unlike aftermarket that come in only one type. Higher cost when compared to aftermarket parts.
Quality guaranteed always, because they are designed for their exact function.Some parts are limited to their availability, like parts purchased through an automaker or select suppliers.
They come with a warranty.


Lower cost than OEM, depending on the brand.Potentially worse quality, and may not function as well as OEM
Quality guaranteed always, because they are designed for their exact function.More of a selection, which can be overwhelming, which could increase your risk.
They come with a warranty.No Warranty

If you feel like your more confused, let us clarify that OEM parts are all equally created, and not all aftermarket parts are created equal. But the best option depends on what your exactly looking for or need. This pro’s and con’s list is to help you better make a decision.