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The San Antonio Body Shop That Prioritizes Customers Like You

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The question that you should ask yourself before you decide to have your car repaired at a San Antonio body shop after an auto accident is: β€œWill this auto body repair shop prioritize me or my insurance company?”

Some collision repair shops might feel obliged to rush their repair jobs in order to please the insurance companies that recommended them. This could cause them to take shortcuts or to use subpar replacement auto parts when working on damaged automobiles, including your own. Their sense of obligation to the insurance companies, which have enabled them to obtain more clients, might cause them to prioritize the needs and requirements of these companies instead of yours.

Since you are the customer, you should not settle for paint and body repair shops that do not give you the precedence. Instead, you ought to choose an independent San Antonio body shop like Miracle Body and Paint. Manuel Rubio, the owner, and his team are focused on serving you and their other clients, not on maintaining a preferred shop title given to them by insurance companies. You can be confident that they perform quality auto repairs, thanks to its A+ rating from BBB. On top of this, instead of giving the discounts to insurance companies, they give it to you instead in the form of a deductible discount.

Miracle Body and Paint is the collision repair shop that prioritizes customers like you.