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Finding Your Trusted Auto Body and Repair Shop in San Antonio
Picking the Right Auto Body Repair Shop for Your Car (PART 2)
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Picking the Right Auto Body Repair Shop for Your Car (PART 1)

Anyone who gets involved in an auto accident or auto collision would always think about getting their car repaired as quickly as possible. You might opt to take your car to the first auto body repair shop you find, but Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas advises against taking this hasty decision. Always take the time to do thorough research when looking for a trusted and reputable auto body repair shop. Don’t be scared to ask questions in order to gauge if you’ll be able to receive a high quality auto service that you deserve.

Here are just some things you must do and consider before picking an auto body shop that will repair your damaged car:

  • Learn everything that you can about the auto body repair shop – Try to look for car owners who have been in the same situation on where they have brought their vehicle for repair. Ask them how the whole processed work, the turnaround and the result. Using customer feedbacks, ratings and reviews will help you gauge if the auto body shop you’re eyeing can really provide high quality repair. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas has relied on customer satisfaction to drive the business for over 27 years. We believe that the good results we do is the most effective marketing strategy, and with the help of our satisfied customers we were able to gain more clients over the years.
  • Check if the auto repair work comes with a guarantee – An auto body shop that offers a guarantee proves that they are confident with their high quality work. Did you know that Miracle Body and Paint offers a lifetime guarantee for our repair service? We have worked so hard just to provide our clients with the best auto repair service in San Antonio Texas.
  • Is the auto body shop familiar with dealing with collision repair? – Do they have experience with dealing with auto damage caused by auto collision? Miracle Body and Paint is! We can even assist you with your insurance claims. Over the years we have worked with many insurance companies including: Nationwide, Farmers, Allstate, State Farm, Texas Farm Bureau, Infinity, Met Life, USAA, Geico, Progressive, Fred Loya and Safeco just to name a few. We can work with any insurance company no matter how large or small they may be.