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Practical Car Care by Miracle Body and Paint (PART 2)

practical_car_care_tips_6Here is the second part of San Antonio’s Miracle Body and Paint checklist to practical car care. Remember that it is best to have a regular car service and maintenance schedule. This will ensure that your vehicle can withstand any type of weather and avoid any auto accidents or collisions.

Check the heater/defroster

Never neglect the heater and defroster. Both must always be in good working condition not only for passenger comfort but also for the driver’s visibility.

practical_car_care_tips_7Don’t neglect the windshield wipers

Change old blades. For places with harsh climates, choose rubberclad or winter blades that can withstand ice buildup. Keep a windshield washer handy and you will be surprised as to how often you will be using it. It is also a good idea to have an ice scraper in hand.

Check the battery

Only professional equipments can accurately detect a weak battery, better visit a trustworthy auto repair shop. What you can do is to scrape away any rust from posts and cable connections, clean all surfaces and retighten any loose connections. Schedule a monthly fluid level check if battery caps are removable. Don’t forget to wear eye protection and rubber gloves to avoid corrosive deposits and battery acids.

Replace lights

Make sure to inspect and replace all burned out lights and bulbs. It is also a good idea to regularly clean the lenses by using a dry rag.

practical_car_care_tips_4Check the exhaust

To check for any exhaust leaks, your car must be placed on a lift. Your car’s trunk and floorboards must also be checked for any holes as exhaust fumes is bad for the health and could even be deadly.

Inspect the tires

Worn and thin tires are dangerous in extreme weather conditions. Always check all four tires for any wear, cuts or nicks. Regularly check the tire pressure, preferably once a month. Never forget to bring a spare tire and make sure your jack is in a good working condition.

Be ready for any emergency

Always make sure you carry gloves, boots, blankets, flares, a flashlight and even a few snacks in your glove box.