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Prepping for Car Accidents and Other Emergencies

Front end damage after an accident

Auto accidents and collisions are inevitable, as we all know. It is a good idea to keep some items in your car for emergencies. These items will be of great assistance if you are ever involved in an accident or collision. Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio has a list of essential items that you should have in your car. You can store some of these items in a box that is easily accessible in your trunk.

  • Keep your owner’s manual in the glove box. You can find helpful information in the owner’s manual, such as how to change your tires or what to do if you have car problems.
  • A fully charged, old cell phone is the best thing to keep in your car. Even without a subscription, a cell phone can be used to call 911.
  • It is a smart idea to have warm blankets. These blankets can keep you warm until help arrives.
  • A battery-powered radio with additional batteries is essential, especially when you’re stuck in severe weather conditions
  • During emergency situations, bottled water is always handy
  • You shouldn’t rely solely on GPS. It is better to have maps of the area you are visiting.
  • Jumper cables are essential in case your battery goes out.
  • For emergency situations, a first aid kit is essential
  • If you have a flat tire, make sure your spare is aired and ready
  • Road flares can be very helpful, especially if you’re driving at night and have an engine problem.
  • Extra batteries in a flashlight can be helpful when changing tires on a dark road or with poor lighting.
  • A bottle of WD-40 can be used for many purposes.
  • You should always keep a small amount of change and money in your car.
  • Winter season is a good time to have a shovel on your back in case you get stuck in the snow.

Miracle Body and Paint is a team of experienced, caring and professional people standing by to help you get back on the road. For a free estimate, call us today. We offer top-of-the-line equipment for collision and auto body repair in San Antonio.