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Things to Know About Your Paint Job

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Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio dispels common myths about car paint. This information will hopefully help you if you need a paint job.

Are bird droppings really a problem for my car’s paint?

Yes. The answer is yes. Bird droppings can cause damage to your car’s paint if they are not wiped off. The acid can weaken the paint’s protective clear coat and eventually reach the paint color underneath. Miracle Body and Paint recommend that you remove dead insects, bird droppings and sapping from your car as soon if possible. Although it may take a while, cleaning your car will make its paint last longer. Your car’s paint can be protected by having it waxed. If you aren’t sure what to do, ask a professional.

What happens to your car’s paint after an accident?

You can easily test the paint by running your fingers over any damaged areas. You will notice a snag in your fingers if the paint and clear coat have been damaged. You will need to have the paint repainted if this happens. Auto technicians are skilled in repairing and sanding the area. They then paint, cure, seal, and repair it. People mistakenly believe that they will save money if they do not get a new coat of paint. A new paint job will significantly lower the car’s value when it comes time to replace or sell it.

Are auto repair shops and paint shops using the same products?

Unfortunately, no. Low quality sealants and paint waxes are used by some auto repair shops. You’ll see that these products eventually cause the clear coat to wear. Trusted auto shops are always the best because you know the quality of the tools and products used to fix your car. Miracle Body and Paint is the best place to get high-quality paint and auto repairs in San Antonio Texas and nearby counties.

Miracle Body and Paint offers a free estimate for paint jobs and any other bodywork. We are available in San Antonio, and the surrounding areas.