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Pursuing a Claim for a Totaled Car

Car damages as a result of a car accident can be as minor as dents on the car’s exterior or as extensive as a car which body and frame are bent and cracked. In Texas, car damages in a car accident are covered by the insurance of the at-fault driver. The coverage also extends to things like expenses for physical injuries and car rental.

A car that has been damaged in an auto collision is considered ‘totaled’ if the cost to repair the car is similar or exceeds its value. If an insurance company totals a car, the decision might lead to questions about compensation amount and repair option. An article on Texas.gov offers answers to the questions.

Total Loss SUV After Auto Accident

How an Insurance Company Totals a Car

According to the article, an insurance company makes an assessment of a damaged car and compare it with the sum of money required to repair it. When the cost to repair a car is the same or more than its value, the insurance company makes an offer based on a perceived value of the car. There are companies that totals a car even when the cost to repair the car is less than its value. It is recommended in the article for a claimant to know what source the insurance company used to determine the car’s value.

Car’s Worth Is Actually More Than What Insurance Declares

A claimant that thinks that their car’s value should be more than what the insurance company has declared can negotiate with the company for a higher offer. The claimant must prove that the car’s value is actually higher and a claimant can do it by obtaining quotes for used cars. It is also recommended to go online and look for ads for similar cars. In addition, the claimant needs to take note of custom parts and special features of the car.

Option To Repair a Totaled Car

A claimant can decide to keep the car that is considered totaled by the insurance company. In such situation, the payment from the insurance company is an amount in which the salvage value of the car has already been deducted.

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