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The Right Kind of Auto Collision Repair in San Antonio
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San Antonio Auto Suspension Services

Maintaining your suspension is a big factor in maintaining the value of your car. Just like any car component, your suspension also wears out eventually and may need replacement. It may get bit tricky to tell since suspension replacement is not like filters or spark plugs replacements that can easily be monitored with specific mileage intervals. How long your set of original equipment shocks will last can become guesswork, especially to those who are not familiar with cars and their setup. Some original equipment suspension shocks usually start to weaken at 30,0000-40,000 miles. Some may last up to 50,000-60,000 miles. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, Texas explains how you can evaluate if it’s time to get a new suspension.

One valid way to determine if it’s time to get a new suspension is to observe how your car has been handling and riding lately. Do you notice any excessive bounce when you’re driving through rough roads or after hitting a road bump? When you brake, does your nose dip? When you’re cornering or driving in cross winds, does your car roll or sway excessively? When you’re backing out the driveway or carrying extra weight in your car, does your suspension bottom out? If your answer to these questions are mostly yes, then it’s time to have your suspension checked by an experienced technician. For suspension services, you can go to Miracle Body and Paint.

Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, Texas can help if you need your suspension replaced. Our team of mechanics all have at least 10 years of professional experience in auto body repair and are equipped with the most modern tools and equipment. Our owner, Manuel Rubio, also personally checks every repair work that comes in and out of our shop. This is the reason why we have excelled as the #1 auto body repair shop in San Antonio. Whether you need suspension replacement or other types of auto repair, Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, Texas is ready to assist you. Don’t hesitate to call or visit us and avail of our free repair estimate.