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San Antonio’s best Auto Repair Center

Choosing an auto repair center in San Antonio can be a daunting task. After an auto accident your first call is usually to your insurance company. They will then try and get you to go to one of their preferred shops. They probably will not tell you that the shop is preferred because they give the insurance company a discount in exchange for their endorsement. Knowing this it is hard to pick that shop with confidence they have your best interest in mind.

Most people will do a Google search and see that there are over 800 shops in San Antonio. If each one claims they can do a great job how can you be sure your picking the best auto body shop you can for your money? Look at the results and the testimonials of their clients. One look at Miracle Body and Paint and you can instantly trust that we do great work. We have years worth of testimonials in video form, online reviews and an A+ rating with the BBB. Our auto collision repair shop has consistently grown year after year because of our work.

Miracle Body and Paint has made our customers our #1 priority. The owner Manuel Rubio has been hanging his reputation on the work of his employees for over 25 years and he only hires the best. With literally hundreds of body shops in San Antonio you really only need to know that we are one of less than 10 with an A+ rating and that we guarantee our work for as long as you own the car. That means we expect our body work to last longer than your car will. Even if you keep the car for 100 years.

Contact Miracle Body and Paint today and see why we are quickly becoming San Antonio’s #1 choice for auto body and collision repair.