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The Second Step in Determining a Paint and Body Repair Estimate
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The Third Step in Determining a Paint and Body Repair Estimate

You probably have a good idea already of how the auto body repair estimate is figured out if you have read our previous two posts. In order to continue educating and empowering consumers like you, we will now discuss the third step in determining a collision repair estimate.

This step is none other than discounting. Although most paint and body repair shops appear to charge the same amount, thanks to the standardized cost of labor and parts in the state of Texas, some shops may give discounts to insurance companies. Discounting may cause these establishments to be considered as “preferred shops” by insurance companies and may give them a higher volume of customers. However, it may also mean that these shops may be pressured by insurance companies to finish the repair jobs as fast as possible in order to accommodate more customers. This could potentially mean that the quality of the repair work and the customer service could become negatively affected in the process.

Miracle Body and Paint also applies discounting, but in such a way that benefits the customers. Instead of giving discounts to insurance companies, we pass on the discounts directly to consumers like you via a deductible discount. Since we don’t have a discounting agreement with an insurance company, we are not pressured to finish the job in the shortest amount of time possible. Instead, we take the necessary amount of time that is needed to properly fix the auto damage caused by an auto accident.

If you are looking for a San Antonio body shop that is a cut above the rest, you should choose Miracle Body and Paint to repair your vehicle after you have gotten a repair estimate. You can be sure that we will prioritize the auto-related concerns (and even the budgetary concerns!) of customers like you.