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The First Step in Determining a Paint and Body Repair Estimate


If you are not part of the auto body repair industry, you may be curious how collision repair shops, such as Miracle Body and Paint, compute estimates of repair jobs. You may also be wondering how this estimate can be consistent with the one that was computed by the insurance company.

There are actually three factors that are involved in the computation of auto body repair estimates. We will be discussing the first factor in this post.

The first step that a San Antonio body shop like Miracle and Paint needs to take when making an estimate is to assess the damage that was brought about by an auto accident. To begin with, the visible damage to the body of the car is noted. After this, the panels are removed from the car in order to check if the frame has been damaged as well. The total amount of repairs that need to be done on the body, the paint, and the frame will determine the amount of the estimate.

Both the representative of the paint and body repair shop and the adjuster have a general idea of the cost of the parts, whether they be brand-new or second-hand. You can be confident that the estimate is consistent because the collision repair shop and the insurance company are in coordination with each and other and since the State of Texas oversees how much collision repair labor costs.

In case your car has been damaged because of an auto accident, get a free estimate from Miracle Body and Paint. While you are at it, let this reputable San Antonio body shop fix your vehicle and restore it to its former glory. Aside from a free estimate, you will also receive a deductible discount and possibly even a rebate on repair costs!

Join us again as we discuss the second and third steps of computing an auto repair estimate in the near future.