The First Step in Determining a Paint and Body Repair Estimate
The Third Step in Determining a Paint and Body Repair Estimate
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The Second Step in Determining a Paint and Body Repair Estimate

The average person who is not involved in the auto body repair industry may not completely understand how paint and body repair estimates are determined. That is why we are giving a simple explanation of the estimate process that will give consumers like you a good idea of how potential collision repair costs are computed.

Previously, we have discussed the first step in this computation, which is to estimate how long the entire repair process will take. In this post, we will be talking about the second step, which is to determine the possible labor costs of the repair job.

The State of Texas and the insurance companies work hand in hand to approximate the hourly labor cost. There is a set maximum dollar amount that a San Antonio body shop can charge for labor, irregardless of the skill level and experience of the repair technician or paint specialist. Although a shop can technically charge more than the maximum amount, the insurance company is only required to pay up to this amount so the customers will need to pay for the remainder of the amount that is not covered by his or her insurance. Because of this, most auto body repair shops in Texas charge only up to the maximum limit set by the state.

Both the first step – the estimation of the amount of time needed for repairs – and the second step – the estimation of the hourly labor costs – help ensure that collision repair shops in Texas will not overcharge the consumer. In the next blog post, we will also discuss the third step in figuring out a paint and body repair estimate.

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