The Importance of Paint from a paint and body shop. Part 1 Durability – The quality of the paint – San Antonio | Auto Body and Paint | Collision Repair | Auto Body Repair | Auto Body Shop
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The Importance of Paint from a paint and body shop. Part 2 Blending & Matching – The skill of the painter
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The Importance of Paint from a paint and body shop. Part 1 Durability – The quality of the paint

They say the best way to judge a man is by his shoes, in the auto collision industry, the best way to judge a paint and body shop is by the paint it uses. You may realize that not all paint is created equal, but do you know what quality makes some paint jobs better than others? In this 3 part series we will break down 3 aspects that make up a quality paint job and what to look for when having your vehicle repaired.

Durability – The quality of the paint

The Paints durability is a major indicator of the quality of the paint itself. At Miracle body and paint we use the finest most expensive paint on the market, DuPont. What makes DuPont so good? Besides the fact that it is most likely the paint used by your auto manufacturer, It also keeps from fading over time. This is important in south Texas because the sun can be brutal on paint jobs here. Most paint jobs will look good for about a year and a half, but after a couple of summers you will see the repaired area stick out like a sore thumb. It will actually begin to fade faster than the rest of the car.

This is because auto body paint is more than just a one phase process. A paint job breaks town to 3 important elements. Note: there are more steps and details to each of these elements but this is a simple breakdown.

  1. The Primer — This holds the paint to the body of the car and serves as a base so that the color of the paint comes through as intended. In other words it helps red look like red and blue look like blue.
  2. The Paint – This may be 2 to more coats depending on the color of your vehicle and the amount of exposure that area has to the elements?  There may also be a metallic element that needs to be added into the base color of the paint. Paint color matching is covered in next week’s blog.
  3. The clear coat – The element that truly protects your paint and makes it shine is the clear coat painted on top of the paint. This coating is like sun screen and tanning lotion for your car. It protects from the elements while allowing the paints true color to be revealed.

So as you can see not all paint is created equal and not all paint jobs are the same. To avoid having your car sport multiple shades of whatever color you choose, be sure that you choose a shop like Miracle Body and Paint that guarantees its work for life. Next week we will cover the importance of having a skilled painter to ensure that your repaired area matches the rest of your car. If you need an area of your car repaired do to a collision of hail damage, bring it to Miracle Body and Paint and see us work miracles.