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The Importance of Paint from a paint and body shop. Part 1 Durability – The quality of the paint
The Importance of Paint from a paint and body shop. Part 3 The Guarantee – The integrity of the shop
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The Importance of Paint from a paint and body shop. Part 2 Blending & Matching – The skill of the painter

Quality and beauty are subjective and nearly impossible to describe other than just by saying, “you know it when you see it.” This is exactly how you can tell the difference from a collision repair job done by Miracle Body and Paint and one done somewhere else. Just like last week when we discussed how not all paint is created equally, this week we will discuss how not every painter is created equally. In part 2 of this 3 part series we will discuss how important the painter is to having your vehicle look like nothing happened after you have been involved in a collision.

Blending & Matching – The skill of the painter

You have heard it said that your car drops in value as soon as it leaves the lot. When it comes to paint, your car’s paint job started dropping in value as soon as it left the assembly line and was parked in the sun. Auto manufacturers use the best paint on the planet because they need their vehicles to hold a high resell value, because if the car holds its value well later they can charge more now, and paint is one of many ways they do that. However, all paint fades over time, and using a lower quality paint and clear coat to fix your damaged area will result in an area of your car fading much faster than the rest of the car. You may notice a color difference in the repaired area in as little as a year.

This is why the painters at Miracle Body and Paint have become masters at blending our DuPont paints to the exact color of your car. And we don’t just paint your damaged area; we paint the area around your damage as well. This is called blending and is an important step. To you and I the paint color on your car looks consistant all the way around, but to a master painter they can spot areas in your paint that are faded or darker then the areas around it. Using our advanced computer systems to match your paint color, our painter’s then primer, paint and clear coat your repaired parts and the areas around the damage to match the constancy of the paint on the rest of your car. The result is a perfect, seamless, long lasting paint job that we can guarantee for life.

Just as all paints aren’t created equal, neither are all painters. We hire only the best paint technicians and give them access to the best tools available to do their job. When comparing our paint team to other shops some people describe it as moving from the minor leagues to the majors. When your car is returned to you, you may not notice a difference other then it looks as good as before you had an accident.  But when you see your repaired area compared to repairs done by other shops, lets just say you know the quality when you see it.

If you want to be sure the paint your vehicle collision or hail damage repair last longer than your next hair cut, be sure to have it done at Miracle Body and Paint. We guarantee our repair work for life. Next week we will cover the importance of our guarantee and why not all guarantees are created equally. If you need an area of your car repaired do to a collision of hail damage, bring it to Miracle Body and Paint and see us work miracles.