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The Importance of Paint from a paint and body shop. Part 3 The Guarantee – The integrity of the shop

Candy Apple Red, Jet Black, a car just isn’t the same without its paint job. For all its parts, the paint is what makes your car truly yours. No matter how much you appreciate your cars paint job before your vehicle is in an auto accident, you will absolutely notice it afterword. In this final piece to our 3 part series we will discuss how Miracle Body and Paints lifetime guarantee stacks up to guarantees offered by other shops.

The Guarantee – The integrity of the shop

In South Texas with our Baking heat, direct sun light and paint eating pollen your paint job takes a beating. You may still notice Mitsubishi’s driving around with pealing discolored paint because the manufacturer didn’t account for 103+ degree exposure here in South Texas during the early 2000’s. The  integrity of your vehicles color lies with the quality of the paint, the skill of the painter, and the integrity of the shop that stands behind it.  This is the core of what makes our guarantee the absolute best in the industry.

It seems like everyone guarantees their work, but what makes one guarantee better than another. At Miracle Body and Paint, our guarantee is for life, not the life of your car. This means in theory that we guarantee that our paint job will last longer than your car. We can do this because we know just how much time and effort we put into each of our repairs. Many shops offer a lifetime guarantee and your insurance company may also use this to push you toward a shop that offers them discounts on repairing your vehicle, but don’t let them full you. The value behind the guarantee comes from the shop, not the paper it’s written on.

Here are some factors that make the Lifetime guarantee at Miracle Body and Paint more valuable and concrete than those from other shops:

Turnover — Many shops have high turnover rates, the employees may cut corners because they are rushed to finish a job and if this paint job needs to come back in a couple of years they know they may have moved on by then.  We don’t have a high turnover rate. We attract the best technicians and do our best to keep them from leaving. Our work environment is truly that of a family run business and our employees see themselves as part of the company’s success. This means that from start to finish your car is in the best possible hands.

Quality control — No other auto collision repair shop in San Antonio has as many quality assurance check points as Miracle Body and Paint. This is why we can be sure that your repair is done correctly the first time, or that a mistake can be corrected before you even see it. We send every repair out knowing we will not need to see your vehicle again unless it’s involved in another accident.

Cost – We don’t charge extra for our guarantee. We truly stand behind our work and don’t think it’s fair for a company to charge you to ensure they do a great job. Because we are an independent shop and don’t have an insurance company funneling customers to our door every day, we rely on satisfied customers that not only come back for all their paint and body repair needs, but will refer their friends to us as well. We have been here for over 20 years and are dedicated to being here over 20 more; you can’t do that by cutting corners.

Now that you know why our auto paint shop is truly the best in San Antonio, come by and see some of our work. You can literally come in any day of the week and see the quality on every car we repair. If you need to have your vehicle repaired you can ask for our owner Manuel Rubio and he will be happy to personally inspect your damage and write you an estimate. How many owners of the big shops in town can you say are willing to do that for you?  Come back next week for a video tour of our shop.