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Why you should choose a Paint and Body Shop over a Paintless Dent Removal Shop

San Antonio has been hammered by Hailstorms over the past few months and many Paintless Dent Removal shops have popped up out of the woodworks. While some professional Paintless Dent Removal shops do exist they are rare. The main difference between one of these shops and a full service paint and body shop or collision center like Miracle Body and Paint is the experience with working on vehicles.

Here are 3 reasons to choose Miracle Body and Paint to be your paint and body shop.

1-      Deductible discounts and rebates. –  Miracle body and paint will pass on labor and part discounts directly to you the consumer.  Hail damage is very expensive to repair and it is not uncommon for us to waive a full deductible and in some cases even give a refund check for discounts above a person’s deductible.

2-      Quality of the repair – Many of the shops you see pop up in parking lots around town are not run by professional repair men. They may look legit but often these facilities are run by individuals who ordered a dent removal kit online. The repair is done by someone with no formal training and they may not have used the equipment since last year’s hail storm.  Having your repairs done by a professional ensures that the work is done right.

3-      We guarantee our work.  – Miracle has been around over 25 years and we stand by every repair we make. As a full service paint and body shop we have access to tools that few in the industry are willing to invest in. This means that we can do a better job than just about anyone in san Antonio and this allows us to be confident enough that we offer a lifetime guarantee.

If you have hail damage to your vehicle, choose a paint and body shop that you can trust. Miracle Body and Paint has an A+ rating with the BBB and we serve over 200 hundred satisfied customers a month.  When you want your auto body repair done right choose Miracle Body and Paint, Home of the deductible discount.