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Things That Are Harmful To Auto Paint

Mechanic in Painting Booth Spray Wooden Part of Furniture or hood of a car.

Car repainting that is part of an auto collision repair work can restore the former appearance of a car. While car repainting has long-lasting results, if done with quality paint, it is still a good idea to maintain the paintwork of a car by not exposing the car to damaging elements or conditions.

After a repainting job, it is up to the car owner or driver to avoid things that damage a car’s paintwork. An article on lists things that removes paint from a car. Here are some of them:

Coffee and Soda

Fresh cup of coffee.

The two beverages must not touch the surface of the body of a car. Setting drinks on top of a car may also result in accidental spills because the driver forgets to remove the drinks before driving away. Coffee and soda are very acidic substances that are capable of removing the protective layer of paint. It is important to wash off coffee or soda that has been spilled on a car.

Shoe Polish

Shoe polish stain on a car’s surface is difficult to remove. There are times that removing shoe polish is impossible. So, the stain must not stay on the surface for a long time. It is recommended to buy a specialized cleaner to remove shoe polish from a car.


Cleaning off dust from a car is also a good way to protect its paint. Dust accumulation can be harmful to the paintwork of a car that has just been repainted. When rain mixes with the dirt, an acidic compound is formed. As a result, the surface of a car gets damaged and corrosion occurs overtime.

Acid Rain

Acid rain can accumulates on the exterior of a car and destroy paint. It is difficult to reverse the damage of paintwork that has been affected by acid rain. Acidic material can stay on the surface of a car even when water has already evaporated. Washing a car regularly is one way to protect paintwork from acid rain, but there are other ways to fix the problem. One of them is using clay bars that are available in hardware stores to remove stains and grime from the surface of a car

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