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Dashboard Warning Lights That You Shouldn’t Ignore: PART 1

Dashboard warning lights can significantly spoil your mood. Other drivers ignore the warning signs and it becomes a normal thing for their vehicle to have the check engine light lit. Well, your trusted auto collision repair shop, Miracle Body and Paint is here to inform you how crucial being aware of the warning lights in your car is, and what they indicate.

ABS System

The ABS System is responsible for the anti-lock braking system in your car. This light also appears when the brake fluid is getting low. Regardless of the cause for the warning, it denotes that there‘s something stopping your brakes from functioning well.

In the event the ABS light up, it could imply that the brake pads have seen better days, and should be replaced, the brake sensors are nonfunctional, or the brakes cannot lock the wheels. This can lead to danger since your car could lose control anytime you apply the brakes.

Heeding this warning light will greatly diminish the risk to yourself and other drivers on the road. Brakes are one of the most critical components on your car therefore ensure that your brakes are working well.

Engine Warning Light                                   

In lots of cars, the engine warning light doesn’t state the precise problem with the engine. Usually, vehicle manufacturers craft a color warning code to inform drivers just how severe the engine issue is. If the engine light color is amber, it implies that it is a minimal problem and you can get home safely and schedule to visit your regular auto body repair shop.

But when the engine light is red, it signifies a more serious problem and you should pull over and call an auto mechanic to check things over.

Airbag Warning Light

The airbag warning light can light up in case there’s a problem with either the seatbelt mechanism or the airbag system. Both of the mentioned problems could be tragic in the unfortunate scenarios when they are required to protect you and your passengers in case of accidents.

If you see this warning light, it is highly recommended that you pull over or find the nearest garage to have this problem addressed. If you decide to drive on with the airbag warning light and unfortunately get into an auto collision, the outcome could be fatal.

Miracle Body and Paint Superior Auto Repair Services

All warning lights are critical, although a few can prove life-threatening if they are not taken seriously. If you are undecided what a warning light means, it is advisable to pull over and give Miracle Body and Paint, your trusted auto repair experts a call.

 We always make it our responsibility to see you safely get behind the wheel again after we have served you with distinction. Get in touch with us today for truly exceptional services.