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Things To Consider Before Getting a Car Painted

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A car painting job as part of auto collision repair process or other reasons has a few advantages. The job restores the former appearance of a car and repairs small damages.

However, there are things that need to be considered before deciding to have a car painted at an auto body and paint shop. An article on provides customers with the things they need to consider before having a car painted. Here are some of them:

It Takes Time To Paint a Car

Although painting a car can take only three to four days at a repair shop, it is a good to allot at least a week for the process. The reason why a paint job can take a long time is that a technician cannot just put new paint on old paint. Factors like oxidation, fading and the irregularity in shape of the existing paint on a car affect the application of new paint. For this reason, it is important to remove the existing paint and perform other prep work before applying new paint.

New Paint Does Not Repair All (Paint Damages)

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People who hire a technician to have their car painted may believe that new paint repairs all types of car paint damage but it is not always the case. According to one owner, as stated in the article, there are times that new paint does the opposite. If new paint is applied on surface that has not been fixed, the paint would only highlight existing problems instead of covering them.

At a repair shop, the existing paint on a car is removed first. Then, damages like scratches, dents, pits, gouges, holes and rust spots repaired before applying new paint.

Prices For a Car Painting Job Varies

The cost for having a car painted varies depending on factors like the amount of preparation needed before applying new paint, the number of parts and panels that require painting and the quality of paint to be used for the job.

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