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Why Expert Technicians Should Be Involved in Purchasing a Pre-Owned Car
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Things To Know When Purchasing a Pre-Owned Car According to Technicians

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Searching for a good pre-owned car from the many options available out there can be difficult. Thankfully, car repair technicians with extensive (paint and body shop) experience havevaluable pieces of advice   to help buyers in their decision-making process. One piece of advice is to remember that a pre-owned car should be in good working condition and can last for years. An article on offers more tips from expert technicians

Tip #1

It is recommended to talk to a an expert (body shop) technician about the plan to buy a pre-owned car. (Collision center) technicians have worked on many car makes and models and already know which parts and systems are likely to have problems. They can also detect problems with a car even when the car look good on the outside. They can tell if something has not been repaired correctly, or if rust problem occurs even when it is not visible. They also know if the car has a  poor maintenance history. Technicians know even the smallest of car problems.

Tip #2

It is advisable to find out about the  repair and annual maintenance costs for the car year, make and model that is being considered. It is also a good idea to check the ratings of the car on, and other sites. Sites like also offer a comparison of cars when it comes to repair and annual maintenance costs.


According to the article, the best piece of advice is to have a skilled technician inspect a pre-owned car before making a purchase from a private individual seller or a dealer. A pre-purchase inspection can be a comprehensive one, which involves inspection of body and systems. A comprehensive inspection should include a written report of findings.

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