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Why Expert Technicians Should Be Involved in Purchasing a Pre-Owned Car

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Before purchasing a pre-owned car, it is important to talk to a (collision center) technician about options. According to an article on HonestAccurateAuto.com,expert (paint and body shop) technicians know what problems may arise when using a pre-owned car. In addition, the technicians can do a pre-purchase inspection to check for damages and incorrect repairs.

The article offers expert technicians tips for buying a pre-owned car. The article also listssome signs of problems with a pre-owned car to look out for. 

Why an Expert Technician is Important

The article states that an expert technician can tell if a pre-owned car has gone through a severe (auto accident) and any suspension or body damage that can impair its function. A bent frame or marks showing that there has been a slight movement of bolts is a sign of a problem.

An expert (body shop) technician is also able to determine a problem upon starting a car. Rattle noises, belt noises and slight knocking sounds are signs of car problems. In fact, one expert technician at Honest Accurate Auto Service can even tell a problem with the smell of fluids. Furthermore, an expert technician can tell if the car has undergone consistent maintenance just with a visual inspection of seals, gaskets and fluids.

Telltale Signs of Problems

According to the article, knowing where a pre-owned car comes from allows for the discovery of a specific problem. East coast cars, for example, generally have rust problems. The article also states that a pre-owned car could be clean but still has a problem. For example, the engine and/or undercarriage of a car could be pressure-washed to look clean and be able to conceal leaks.

It is also a good idea to ask if a pre-owned car has been damaged by a flood or a natural disaster. Water damage should be a cause for concern. And, if a car was involved in an accident, it is important to know if it has been repaired correctly. Another cause for concern is high mileage.

The mileage per year should be approximately 10,000 miles. Furthermore, it is also important to know what the car has been used for, in relation to weight restrictions and off-road activities. Lastly, it is a good idea to check if the car has been properly maintained by the owner.