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Tips On How To Prepare Your Car For Sale (PART 1)

preparing_your_car_for_repair_2They say that first impression last. This saying is also true when you decide to sell your car. All resellers want to increase the money they will get from a car sale, regardless if it is sold to a private party or a dealer trade. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas prepared some tips on how you can prepare your car and increase its value for a sale.

preparing_your_car_for_repair_3Make your car look presentable

If your car is clean and shiny, it will give an impression that it has been well taken care of and is properly maintained. If you have a dirty car full of trash like fast-food wrapper, it can unfairly devalue your car to a potential buyer. It is very important to make sure the inside and outside of your car is thoroughly cleaned. Auto detailing usually depends on how old your car is. A relatively new car needs it’s interior to be properly washed, wax and vacuumed. For older cars, its best to go to a professional detailer and have the interior, exterior and engine cleaned. Instead of a full detailing, you can opt for a full service car wash and ask them to do some extra services such as vacuuming, trim dressing and wiping the interior. A clean looking car appeals to a broader audience and will increase your chances of selling it quicker.

preparing_your_car_for_repair_4Make sure to fix any damage

Never make a reason for a buyer not to buy your car. It’s a must for you to fix items that are easily replaced, such as lenses and headlights. Remember that when it comes to body damage, the bigger the amount of damage your car has, the less you can expect from your return of investment once you sell it.  Another problem when it comes to repair is the quality. Some auto repair shops do not perform well and will leave you questioning how much damage there really was before the actual repair was made. One trick to know which auto repair shop to choose is if it has a lot of customer referrals.