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Tips On How To Prepare Your Car For Sale (PART 1)
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Tips On How To Prepare Your Car For Sale (PART 2)

preparing_your_car_for_repair_1Here is the second part of San Antonio’s Miracle Body and Paint’s tips on how you can prep your car for sale.

Consider getting a paintless dent repair

Paintless dent repair is better for small dents and dings. Special tools are used by a technician to massage the dented metal back to the original form and position without needing to repaint the whole area. Paintless dent repair can also be done in a short amount of time unlike a traditional body repair. For small scratches and chips, you can opt for airbrush touch up. It is important to choose an auto repair shop that has professional and knowledgeable technicians who can do the job well. Choosing just any shop with incompetent technicians might put you in a much bigger damage at hand.

preparing_your_car_for_repair_1Don’t forget to check the windshield and tires

Replace any cracked windshield. Serious buyers are thorough and will definitely notice any crack in sight. Make sure to talk to an expert auto repair shop on how to repair it efficiently and economically. The tires should still have some tread life left on them. They must be properly sized, matched and must be considerably new especially if it will be traded to a dealer to avoid any deductions when appraised.

Don’t leave the service records

Keeping all service records arranged will show any potential buyers that the car is properly cared for. You can ask for a copy of service history if it has been serviced through a dealer since most of them have electronic copies.

preparing_your_car_for_repair_8Consider other factors

Try to be objective when it comes to the condition of you vehicle. It is better to be honest if there are any serious problems, damages or repairs that potential buyers should look into. As much as possible, sell your car as is. Avoid intentionally covering up any serious auto conditions that might endanger your car’s buyer. Also, don’t forget to include a statement in your bill of sale if the car is sold as is. It will protect you from any liability that might come up after the sale.