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Tornado Protection Tips from National Weather Service

Extreme weather conditions in Texas can cause extensive damage to a car and put its occupants at risk for injuries and fatalities. In places like Texas where a tornado can occur, people need to be always ready for severe weather.

The National Weather Service has launched a national campaign that helps protect people against tornadoes, as stated in an article on

Tips from National Weather Service

There are three important tips from the SWS in the article. These tips are extremely useful for people in Texas.


It is important to find shelter when there is a tornado. The middle of the inside of a building is the safest place when there is a tornado.


Go to the lowest floor possible, if not underground, to protect oneself.


Flying debris is the number one cause of fatalities in a storm. Covering oneself with pillows, blankets, helmets, among others can protect the body from flying debris.

Dangers of Being on the Road When There is a Tornado

People on the road are included in the three risk groups of people during a tornado. The article on the website offers tips to drivers and passengers on how to avoid or handle problems brought about by a severe weather condition.

  • Stay off the roads, if possible.
  • Monitor news to know the storm locations.
  • Familiarize oneself with the area of travel.
  • When inside the car, listen to the radio for news. A battery-operated radio is essential for travelers.
  • The chances of being hit by a tornado while inside a car are very small. But, severe thunderstorms have other elements that are deadly.

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