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Two Hospitalized as Driver Crashes Into Vehicle in San Antonio

car accident, san antonio body shop, collision center

Crashed car in a ditch

Two people were hospitalized after a driver crashed into another vehicle in San Antonio on Monday night.

The driver was speeding down Interstate 37 at over 100 mph before crashing into a vehicle and rolling into a ditch.

The crash occurred before 10 p.m. on I-37 North near Southeast Military Drive.

Police arrived and found the vehicle rolled over on its top with heavy damage.

The other vehicle had crashed into a concrete barrier.

Two people were rushed to the hospital in critical condition while another was treated at the scene.

The driver was detained and charges are pending.

A rollover occurs when a vehicle tips over onto its side or roof. Although rollovers are not common, they have a higher fatality rate than other types of road traffic crashes. 

Few cars are equipped with rollover bars to prevent the roof from collapsing on occupants. However, a rollover bypasses a car’s many safety features and negates the use of seatbelt.

A rollover may cause multiple impacts between the body and other parts of a car. The occupants may also be thrown out from the vehicle by force.

Rollovers can cause severe head, neck and spinal injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, severe cuts or dismemberment.

Although any vehicle can be involved in rollovers, SUVs and pickup trucks are mostly involved. 

Rollovers usually involve one vehicle and driver error is a major cause. 

Rollovers occur when a car loses traction with the road, especially during snowy and icy conditions, and begins to slide sideways, and then hits an obstacle like curbs, soft-road shoulders, guardrails or uneven ground.

Vehicle malfunctions, potholes, absence of guardrails, debris, newly-repaired road surface and rocks are also known to be responsible for frequent rollovers witnessed in recent times.

Miracle Body and Paint believes rollovers can be avoided if a driver is attentive and focused on the roadway.