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Understanding Insurance “Preferred” Collision Repair Centers

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Collision repair shops are the first thing that comes to mind when anyone is involved in a car accident. However, before even choosing a shop or calling a tow truck, you have to inform your insurance provider. While some will let you use a collision repair center of choice, a majority have their own preferred shop.

How preferred repair shops work

Most insurance providers have contracts with shops in all areas they operate. Their understanding is that these repair shops will undertake repairs for any car they insure. What most car owners are not privy to is that these memoranda of understanding are in place as long as the repair shops save money for the insurance companies. Generally, the negotiated rates include lower labor costs and cheaper materials. These insurance companies also require that the preferred shops give a lifetime warranty after repairs.

What it means for you

Claims representatives have targets to ensure that at least 40% of car repairs claimed are from their preferred shops. If you have been involved in a collision before, you know the lengths they go to, to sway you into having your vehicle repaired in a partner shop. Reasons they give include that they will process the claim faster. Others include that your chosen repair center is not on their list and that adjusting for estimates will take longer. Unfortunately, with the rush to get back on the road, most consumers fall prey to the scheme.


Some will even claim that they do not warranty repairs done by other than their preferred collision repair shops. Nevertheless, you should know that this is only an intimidating tactic. At Miracle Body and Paint, we offer the warranty for collision repairs we undertake, without being a preferred shop for your insurer. Because we are a reputable service provider, it does not matter who is paying the bill. Our interest is in the systematic handling of your claim and efficiently getting your vehicle on the road, looking good as new.

Regardless of your insurer, we will handle your repairs and claims without a fuss.