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Visiting an Auto Body Repair Center – What to expect.

If you have never had an auto accident before, you may wonder what you need to do to have your vehicle repaired. Many people fall into the trap set by insurance companies and go to the “preferred shop” that the insurance company recommends. What most people don’t know is that these shops are preferred because they offer discounts to the insurance company in exchange for customers being steered right to the auto repair centers door. At Miracle Body and Paint, we pass the discounts directly to you and even offer deductable refunds if your savings are larger than your deductible.

If you have never dealt with a body shop before, we have a easy 3 step process to get you and your car back on the street quickly.

1)      The Auto Body Repair Estimate – When you arrive at our Collision repair center we will quickly give you an estimate of what it will cost to repair your vehicle. Your insurance company may provide an estimate of their own, at first glance they may not match up exactly but most auto body repair estimates are adjusted ones the body panels and bumper covers are removed. Your insurance company will send the adjuster out to our location to verify any differences in the estimates. Based on this estimate we will determine how much money we can save you on your deductable, or how big of a refund we will give you if you don’t happen to have a deductable.

2)      Dropping off your car and getting an estimate – Once you make the decision to have Miracle body and paint repair your vehicle we will schedule a drop off date with you if your car is drivable. Many insurance companies will request a date to minimize the amount of days you will need to be in a rental car. You will be assigned one of our team members to serve as your point of contact to answer any questions you have during the repair process. If you do need a rental car we will arrange for Enterprise to pick you up from our location. We will provide you snacks and drinks while you wait.

3)      Picking up your vehicle – While your vehicle is being repaired we have several quality control inspection points in place to make sure that your vehicle is repaired correctly and to ensure that we catch any faults before the car is moved to the next stage. Once the repairs are complete the vehicle is inspected one more time by one of our 2 shop managers and/or our owner Manuel Rubio.  When you pick up your vehicle, your service representative will accompany you on a walk around of your vehicle. You can inspect the vehicle yourself and if there are any concerns we will correct those issues immediately.  You make your payment or receive your refund check and you are on your way.

As you can see, we make working with an Auto Body Repair shop as painless as possible. The best way to decide if we are the right auto repair shop for you is to stop by and get your free estimate. We will let you know what you can expect to save on your deductable or what you may be refunded. Getting a free auto body repair estimate from a collision repair shop does not mean you are committing to having your work done at that shop; it is simply part of the shopping process.  Let us prove to you that we are the right choice.