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Getting an Auto Accident Repair Estimate

Having an auto accident can be a stressful experience. Not only do you have the stress of having a damaged car, you now have to get an estimate done from your insurance provider as well as your collision repair shop. Because the insurance companies know that you are stressed they will push you to have your vehicle repaired at a shop of their choosing. This sounds like a stress reliever but it may end up costing you money.

By choosing to have the repairs done at the insurance company’s preferred shop, you are actually going to a location that has an agreement with the insurance company on how much they will charge as well as how fast they will get the car back. This means that the insurance company is that auto collision repair centers customer and not you. Many times you will need to return the vehicle for repairs because the collision shop may have cut corners in their rush to get the car out to save the insurance provider money on rental coverage.

This cost combined with the fact that Miracle Body and Paint gives you a free estimate that not only shows your insurance company how much it will cost to repair the vehicle, we also tell you how much money you will save on your deductable. Do yourself a favor and visit Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio if you are ever involved in an accident and we will show you just how different or estimate is.