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Warning Auto Sounds That You Should Never Ignore

warning_auto_sounds_you_Should_never_ignore_2At this new blog post, Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas will be discussing about common auto sounds that if neglected might just give you a big auto repair cost.

warning_auto_sounds_you_Should_never_ignore_3A slipping belt under your car’s hood usually gives off a squealing sound. Old-model cars usually have separate belts for fan, power steering pump, alternator and air conditioner. A loose or extremely worn out belt from any of these locations will cause the belt to slip and squeal. You can hear the squealing sound as you start and accelerate your vehicle. A good auto technician can easily tighten the belt or replace it if needs to be. If you neglect a failed belt, your car can overheat or kill your battery. New model cars on the other hand use a serpentine belt that composed of a pulley to keep tension. If this type of belt gets worn out or slip, it will contaminate the coolant. A serpentine belt replacement will cost $100 plus installation. This is in fact a cheaper price as compared to the tow truck you will hire if it will break on the road.

warning_auto_sounds_you_Should_never_ignore_4A high-pitched scraping or squealing sound when you step on the brake tells you that it’s time to change your brake pads. The brake warning indicator is a metal tab that contacts with the brake disk. At first, the break warning will just give out a faint or irregular sound. As the wear worsens, the sound will get louder. It is a better option if you have an immediate brake service the first time you hear the indicator. The front or rear break will cost you $200- $300 . A ruined disc can add an additional $200 to your auto repair bill given if you don’t experience an auto accident or collision first.

A faint ticking sound when you make a sharp turn at a low speed indicates a torn rubber boot which protects the constant velocity or CV. Axle replacement can cost you $200-300. Neglecting this repair will eventually cost you more from the tow service you will surely get.