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Warning Light Signs You Should Never Ignore

warning_light_signs_to_never_ignore_2Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas lists down warning light signs that if left unattended will give you an expensive auto repair bill. warning_light_signs_to_never_ignore_3Low tire pressure warning light This warning light tells you that a tire-pressure monitoring sensor (TPMS) detects an underinflated tire. Tire pressure sensors are found in the each wheel’s air valve. When air pressure drops 25 percent below the recommended level, these sensors will give an instant warning especially during puncture cases. Always stop, pull over and inspect your tires as soon as you see the TPMS light turn on. Neglecting this and continuing to drive with an underinflated tire is very dangerous and will cause irreparable damage to your tires. A nail hole repair costs about $20 but replacing a tire with a new one can cost up to $200. An unmaintained tire will eventually drop very low to trigger the TPMS warning. A pressure gauge can help you check each tire’s pressure. You can check the pressure specification on a sticker found inside the driver’s door. If they are considerably low compared to the recommended pressure, it’s definitely time to fill them up. A low tire pressure when driving will affect fuel mileage, handling and hasten wear which leads to tire failure. warning_light_signs_to_never_ignore_4Check engine light Check engine lights tells you that there is a problem with your car’s emission control system. It may be caused by a failed oxygen sensor in the exhaust or an air leak in the fuel system. Your car may still function normally even if the check engine light is on. If you continually ignore it, this will eventually lead to a costly repair. Replacing an oxygen sensor is about $200 but if left untreated, it can lead to an excessive exhaust fuel that will ruin the catalyst. Replacing this will already cost you $1000 or more. Turn signal indicator A sensitive turn signal indicator tells you that a signal bulb is burned out. Replacing this bulb will only cost you $4. Neglecting this will might cost you a visit with the police and a $50 equipment violation fine.