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Ways to Increase Car Battery Life

increase car battery life Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

increase car battery life Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio TexasLiving in San Antonio Texas can take its toll on any vehicle. The extreme heat we experience can be tough on both your car’s aesthetic and mechanical features. This is especially true with car batteries. No matter how expensive your car is, it won’t go anywhere without a fully functioning battery.

Just like a typical battery, car batteries also have positive and negative terminals where electrons flow from one end to another. A car battery’s main function is to provide power to the starter and spark plugs in order for the motor to crank as well as to ignite the fuel. And just like a typical battery, it is also susceptible to wearing out. An average car battery life span is about 3-4 years, depending upon various conditions. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas lists down some factors that affects battery life so you can better prepare and avoid any road hassles.

  • Extreme temperatures may lead to premature battery failure

If you live in areas where you experience extreme heat or cold, somewhere above 100 degrees Fahrenheit or below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, then your battery works at higher stress. A car battery subjected to extreme temperatures undergoes sulfation or lead sulfate crystal formation. These crystals not only shorten battery life but also charging problems.

  • increase car battery life Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio TexasA faulty charging system can reduce battery life

A car’s alternator’s role is to keep the battery charged. It typically generates 13.4-14.7 volts to do this. If you have a malfunctioning alternator, it will fail to keep the standard 12.6 battery volt. A battery’s life expectancy will reduce if it is often under or over charged by a faulty alternator. This is why its important for you to visit an auto repair shop in San Antonio Texas such as Miracle Body and Paint to have it inspected.

  • Draining the battery destroys it

One of the most common culprits in battery failure is when it gets drained all the way down. If you regularly drain your battery’s charge, it wont be long until you need to buy a new one.

To know more about car batteries and how to take care of it, be sure to visit the blog of Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas. We will be providing more car tips and tricks so stay tuned!