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What Customers Must Inspect After a Car Inspection

Elevated view of broken cars after accident.

Repair jobs for a car that is involved in a car accident should be done correctly and with quality in mind. According to an article on PetersonAutobody.com, correctly repairing a car is only half the job.

It is also important to provide customer satisfaction and repair quality that lasts for years. The article also offers ways to check if a repair shop did not only correctly repair a car but also meet expectations.

Vehicle Inspection

There are things that need inspection to ensure that a (collision center) has done an excellent job in restoring a car. One of them is the repaired area, which should be checked up close and also from a distance. Another one is the paintwork. It should be inspected for texture, color match and overspray.

It is also a good idea to test drive a car to check mechanical repairs that have been done, if there are any. Check if the car is clean. And, when there is any work that is not done correctly, it should be brought to the attention of the (auto body repair) technicians.

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Repair Issues to Watch Out For

  • Poor Alignment

According to the article, if the car is pulling to one direction after being repaired, it can be caused by a misaligned unibody structure or a bent frame. When a car is not straightened correctly in auto collision repair, the car will not drive straight and will wear out tires quickly.

  • Clipping

Clipping means getting a used section from a different car and welding it onto the rest of the car that is being repaired. Clipping was common 20 years ago, but ever since cars with lightweight materials became available, clipping was no longer seen as an acceptable practice.

It is because a used section from a different car may cause structural weakness, which could prove fatal when another crash happens.

  • Airbag Replacement Issue

Airbags are expensive. A (paint and bodywork) center may charge the insurance company for a replacement airbag but not install any new airbag in the car being repaired.

  • Wrong Replacement Parts

There are insurance companies that may greenlight the use of aftermarket parts that do not meet the original manufacturer specification and allow used structural parts that do not adhere to manufacturers’ recommendations.

  • Torque Problem

The issue is a very serious one. When a car repair involves replacement of suspension parts, there is a risk for loose assembly because the parts have not been torqued to the specifications of manufacturers. As a result, car handling and performance will be compromised.

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