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Important Things to Do After Getting in a Car Accident

Unhappy Female Driver With Damaged Car After Accident Calling Insurance Company On Mobile Phone

There are things that can be done after a car accident to ensure safety and security. According to an article on, many people who had been in a car crash did not know what to do immediately after the incident.

What to Do Right After a Car Accident

The article states that calling the authorities like the Honolulu Police Department’s Traffic Division should be done whenever someone sustains an injury or damages are enough to render a car useless.

At the scene of an accident, people can avoid further accidents by standing on the side. If possible, the distance is three to four car lengths in front of the car on the opposite side of a protective barrier or guardrail.

Furthermore, if an accident that happens on a freeway or a busy interstate or free, it is important to write down a number of the other driver’s details. The name of the driver, license plate, insurance carrier and phone number are information that can be used when making an auto insurance claim.

And, it is also important to drive to an area where it is safe to exchange insurance information. However, if injured or having considerable damage, leaving the car is not advisable. It is better to stay inside the car, notify the authorities and wait for them to arrive.

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Other Things to Do in Ensuring Safety and Security

If it is safe, move the car away from traffic. Pull off the road and make sure the emergency flashers are on for alerting oncoming cars. And, for additional precautions, turn off the ignition to keep a fire from happening, and place reflectors or emergency flares on the road to secure the accident scene if it is a nighttime accident.

It is also important to get those who are hurt immediate medical attention. Take note of the exact location of the scene of the accident before calling an ambulance.

For insurance claims on (auto body repair)s, get the insurance information of other drivers involved in the accident for (collision center) repair claims. Apart from name of the driver, license plate, insurance carrier and phone number daytime number, get the car insurance policy numbers of the drivers involved.

It is also useful to get the car make, model and year and license plates of the cars involved in the accident.

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