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What To Do Before, During and After the Auto Repair Service

Taking your car to an auto body repair shop for the first time? Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas lets you in on some important things to do before arranging for any auto body work performed. We will also be listing what you should expect after getting your car back after the repair:

  • When selecting an auto repair shop, make sure to ask around for feedbacks and testimonials with people who have already done similar body work in the auto repair shop. By doing so, you can gauge the quality of the auto repair service you’ll be getting. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio has always valued customer referrals. For us it is the best kind of advertising so we always make sure to provide high quality auto body repair to all our clients.
  • When you already have chosen an auto collision center, avoid driving your damaged car since it it unsafe and may get you in another auto accident. We all know that a vehicle is one of our biggest investments, so having the right auto repair shop to do the repairs properly can help protect your investment. Make it a point to ask for an estimate. This will list down the current condition of your damaged car, the necessary repairs it needs, the affected auto parts as well as the labor charges. You should first approve the estimate and any other services that will exceed before the auto repair shop performs any work on your damaged car. Go ahead and ask as many questions as you want because a professional and credible auto body repair shop will always take the time to explain everything to you. At Miracle Body and Paint, we provide a free estimate for you. We also make sure to inform and update you on the current state of your car as it is being repaired.
  • When you get your car back from the auto body repair shop, the auto repair center must describe all the work that was done on your vehicle. The bill you will get should list all repairs done, parts used, labor charges as well as the odometer reading of your car before the repair. Don’t be afraid to ask if you notice any discrepancies between the itemized bill and the written estimate.