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What to Do if I Got Hit by an Uninsured Driver?

A study published by Insurance Research Council showed a there is a decline of insured motorists over the years. In fact, there’s an estimated 1.6 Million uninsured motorists in Texas last 2012 with the rate increasing every year (Source: http://www.insurance-research.org/). Every year, uninsured drivers are costing the car insurance industry and insured drivers billions of dollars. The Insurance Research Council estimates that almost 14% of all U.S. drivers are uninsured at any given time.

If you are hit by and uninsured driver, make sure to do these things while you’re still at the scene of the accident:

  • Make sure to get the other driver’s identification details. If the uninsured driver refuses to provide you with their identification or you feel unsafe to gather necessary information, you can wait for the law enforcement to arrive.
  • Use your mobile phone to take photos of all vehicles involved, any damage incurred as well as the other driver’s license plate.

Make sure to write everything down to avoid the chances of you forgetting important details.

When the law enforcement arrives at the scene of the accident, inform him of what happened. The police may also take down witness testimonies as well to determine who is at fault. Make sure to ask for a copy of the file report. If it was determined that the accident was not your fault and you were hit by an uninsured driver, your auto insurance should cover the damages given that you have the extra under-insured or uninsured motorist coverage stated on your policy. If you don’t have the extra policy coverage, you may have to sue the uninsured driver for any damage repair and might even have to pay your insurance deductible. For car damage repairs, your insurance company will also attempt to recover damages from the other driver and might require you to appear in court and testify about the auto accident.

If you’re looking to have you car repaired that was caused by the uninsured driver, make sure to find an auto collision center that can help you with insurance claims. Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas can work with your insurance company to complete the necessary repairs.