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What You Should Do After an Auto Collision

What You Should Do After An Auto Collision Miracle Body and Paint San Antonio Texas

Safe, defensive driving practices can prevent many auto accidents from occurring, but sometimes an auto collision happens due to something beyond your control—for example, black ice on the road, wildlife running in front of your car, or the bad choices of another driver. Knowing what to do in a collision can help reduce your stress levels, which are likely to be running high, and can even save you money when it comes time for auto body repairs.

  • Check if everyone is okay– Regardless of what happened or how it happened, human life and health is always the top priority when an auto collision occurs. Call 911 medical help immediately if you or anyone else involved has been hurt. Even if the injuries do not appear to be serious, you don’t know what internal injuries may have occurred. You can sort it out with insurance later; get help now.
  • Contact the police – Once you have seen to everyone’s health, including your own, the next priority is to get a police report. This is essential to proving to the insurance companies who is at fault, especially if the collision involves another vehicle. Even if it’s a minor “fender bender,” don’t skip this step. It can prevent lots of arguments with the insurance companies later on. Call the police and don’t allow the other party to leave until the police get there.
  • Document what happened – A camera phone is extremely useful in situations like this. Take lots of photos of any damages to the vehicles involved, because this serves as evidence of the damage and helps the insurance companies determine who will pay for collision repair. Also, exchange contact and insurance information with the other parties and get a copy of the police report. The more you document what happened, the more solid your case will be, especially if the other person is at fault.
  • Inform your insurance company – Once you have the documentation in order, contact your insurance company, file a claim, and send copies of your paperwork and photos. Do the same for the other person’s insurance company. Make sure to do this quickly, even if the other party is at fault. Having your insurance company involved can give you more clout if the other insurance company tries to weasel out of paying.
  • Choose a trusted collision center – When it’s time to get your car repaired, it’s important that the job be done right. Choose a collision center that delivers high quality repair like Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio, TX.  We have the finest technicians in the industry and use the best parts and paint allowed by your insurance company. Call us today at 210-680-1987 to get started!