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Why Auto Accidents Are More Common in Summer

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Reasons you Need a Collision Repair Center at yourΒ Service

Summer is around the corner, and as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Auto accidents are inevitable and will happen at some point, it pays to be prepared and informed. According to these statistics from the Texas Department of Transportations, San Antonio has shown an annual increase of 3,000 auto accidents on average annually. Collision repair preparation should be a priority whenever you are on the road.

In light of that and in the case that you are caught in an accident and your vehicle is damaged, the miracle body and paint shop have you covered.

Below are the reasons car crashes are common in summer and why you should be on the lookout:

  1. There is an influx of inexperienced teen drivers on the road. Do not get me wrong, they are our kids and they will eventually learn. However, the learning curve comes with a downside: mistakes. With schools closing down for summer break, high school and college students are behind the wheel more. Their lack of experience leads to more collisions with increased severity of damages and injury.


  1. Since it is vacation time, there are more pedestrians, cyclists, and revelers. Generally, people also indulge in a beer or two and chances of drunk driving increase. With the road congestion that results and difficulty in navigation, there is bound to be a few paint scratches here, a collision there, and a wreck someplace else. A few bumpsΒ on your car are likely to have you looking for an auto body repair shop. Fortunately, at miracle body and paint, we specialize in car repairs that have been in these exact situations.


  1. Road conditions and the summer heat do not help either. The high temperatures cause dehydration which can lead to impairment, whose manifestation may be road rage, making the roads unsafe. Consequently, the summer heat expands tire air more, which leads to blowouts. The sound from the blowout, sudden decrease in speed, and the pulling of the steering to the side of the blowout is a recipe for disaster.


Our advice at miracle is to always be aware, have your vehicle inspected regularly, and bring in any damaged car for professional repairs, regardless of the extent of the body damage. You also drive better as you are more confident with your miracle body and paint repaired, good as new vehicle.