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Why Cheap Paint Jobs May Not Be the Best Option

Man with protective clothes and mask painting car using spray compressor.

Restoring a car to its former appearance after an auto collision requires a repainting job. A repainting job is best handled by a technician at an auto body and paint shop. A car that needs to be repainted has a better chance of looking like a brand new car if the repainting job is done by a technician.

There is always the option of doing a repainting job on the cheap to save money, but there are disadvantages to such option, according to an article on MotorBiscuit.com. The article explains why an inexpensive paint job is not the best option for customers.

Why Is it Not Worth the Money?

How much does one pay for a cheap car painting job? According to CostHelper.com, the price should not exceed $1,000. While the price is very attractive, the outcome of the job is usually not satisfactory, according to reports made on CostHelper.com. Cheap paint jobs can result in corrections and even more bodywork, according to the reports, as stated in the MotorBiscuit.com article.

Furthermore, the article explains why cars are not better off with cheap paint jobs. A low price car might think that an expensive car paint job is not practical. A person who has a high price car might think that an expensive car paint job is the best option. Paint jobs that are considered expensive are priced at a few thousand dollars, and the types of costly paint jobs include these two: thorough paint job and the more expensive showroom style paint jobs.

Difference Between Cheap and Costly Paint Jobs

Close up of technician hand in auto body paint shop painting car detail with paint spray gun.

A cheap paint job uses low quality paint. And, it also only involves fewer coats of paint compared with expensive paint jobs. The outcome of a cheap paint job possibly does not last long and can result in chipping of paint and other imperfections.

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