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Why Miracle Body and Paint Is The Better Choice

We all know that being involved in an auto accident is a very stressful experience for anyone. Aside from the stress of having to deal with a damaged car, you will also have to deal with your insurance provider and a collision repair shop to have an estimate done. Unfortunately, insurance companies capitalize on your stress created by the auto accident. Most of them will push you to choose an auto repair shop that they prefer. At first you will think this is a generous gesture, but upon a closer look you will be able to see a different agenda. What you probably are not expecting is that choosing the insurance company’s preferred shop will cost you more money by the end of it all.

If you go with the preferred auto body repair shop that the insurance company recommended, you are actually choosing a shop that already has a pre-existing agreement with the insurance company. These insurance companies and preferred shops agree to cut the repair time in exchange for a steady stream of clients. This deal ensures that the insurance company will be able to save money from your car rental coverage. As you can see, the auto collision shop works to please the insurance company, not to please you. Since the auto repair shop is working on a tight schedule, they will have no choice but to cut corners with their work. Some clients even find themselves needing to return their vehicles for additional repairs, all because of the auto repair shop’s subpar quality of work.

Miracle Body and Paint is not a preferred shop, and we are proud of it. We are not burdened with any pre-existing deals with any insurance companies. You can be assured that when you choose Miracle Body and Paint, we will be looking after your own interest, not anyone else’s. Not only do we give free estimates, we also inform you just how much money you can save on your deductible.  What are you waiting for? Do yourself a huge favor and choose Miracle Body and Paint in San Antonio Texas.