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Bumper Buying Guide

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Preventing a car accident from happening requires careful driving on the part of a driver. Car accidents can lead to costly car (collision repair) s, but there are car parts that are designed to protect the car itself. For example, a car bumper protects the structure of a car. The car part is useful in absorbing contact in a collision. However, a car bumper usually receives full damage in serious front end collision, and it means having to replace it with a new one. CarlsBadCollision.com offers a car bumper guide to allow buyers to make an informed decision.

Bumper repair after an auto accident

Bumper Materials

Most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) bumpers are made of plastic. The bumpers also have a reinforcement bar hidden in the middle, which is made of aluminum or steel. There are bumpers that have polyproline that help absorb energy during an impact.

Impact Absorption of a Car Bumper

The bumper of a car gets the first hit during low speed collisions, and does the job of absorbing the impact to protect the car, the driver and the passengers. For this reason, bumpers are classified as standard safety equipment.

It should be noted that like in all other states across the United States, the state of Texas requires cars to meet the bumper standards laid out by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), according to an article on ItStillRuns.com. The standards include ensuring that a bumper is able to withstand an impact of 2.5 mph on both front and rear parts and 1.5 mph on its corners.  The rating mentioned is the same as hitting a parked car of the same mass at 5 mph.

Appearance Vs. Effectiveness

The strength of bumpers varies, as stated on CarlsBadCollision.com. There are factors that affect the effectiveness of a bumper include materials, built-in lights, materials, design and the amount of the bumper’s overhang. When choosing a bumper style, a buyer needs to think about driving habits. An aggressive steel bumper with considerable overhang, for instance, is ideally used on trails than on paved roads. An OEM bumper that is smaller and sleeker boosts fuel economy and offers good protection in more urban settings without stressing front suspensions.

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