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Car Protection and Safety Tips: Preventing Hail Damages and High Auto Body Repair Cost

Istanbul,Turkey- June 27,2018:Packed car to protect from hail rain in Istanbul

Weather in Texas is unpredictable. A hailstorm can suddenly occur and become a threat to property. Hailstorms are known to damage homes. And, cars that are parked outside can also get damages during a hailstorm. A hail damage can lead to costly car repair and a difficult time spent dealing with insurance processes. But, there are ways to prevent a hailstorm from damaging a car, as discussed in an article on

Hail Damages and Protection

Hail can create all sorts of damage in different parts of the car. A car that is exposed during a hailstorm can have dents in its doors, sides, hood or trunk. Damages can also include cracks in windows and mirrors of a car. The doorjambs of a car can also become stuck because of a hailstorm

A car that is parked outside can be protected from hail. Hail can be categorized as an extreme weather condition and can add to the severity of a storm. The article recommends buying a hail protection blanket, which is also called padded car cover. A protection blanket can be available online or at a local auto parts store. The blanket offers good protection if a car is parked outside. But, how to provide protection to a car that is being driven on the road when a hailstorm strikes? And, how to also provide protection to the driver and passengers?

Hail damage repair in San Antonio Texas
Hail damage repair in San Antonio Texas

Preventing Hail Car Damages and Hail-Related Injuries

The National Weather Service offers useful advice on how to practice road safety when there is a hailstorm, as stated on And, they are as follows:

  • If there is a hailstorm forecast, it is important to get the car to a safe place like a garage, a covered parking lot or a carport.
  • If on the road during a hailstorm, find a place where it is safe to pull over and stop driving. And, stay inside the car until the hail completely stops.

Safety Measures After a Hailstorm

There is a possibility that a hailstorm creates damages in a car in spite of getting it to a safe place. When it happens, it is always a good idea to take the damaged car to an auto body repair shop like Miracle Body and Paint. The (collision repair center) has been providing car damage repairs in San Antonio, Texas for more than thirty years, and has gained a reputation for doing excellent repairs.

Miracle Body and Paint can work with the insurance company for filing claims. Typically, an insurance policy holder can file a hail damage claim if carrying a comprehensive insurance policy. Miracle Body and Paint can further help customers by offering repair and parts replacement discounts that are applied to the deductible. It gives customers an opportunity to minimize, if not eliminate, the need to pay for out-of-pocket expenses. Call Miracle Body and Paint (collision center) for inquiries!