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Caring for Your Vehicle’s Fresh Paint after a Repair Job

After coming out of the Miracle Body and Auto Center following a paint job, what next for a car owner? Despite the perfect and impeccable paintwork by the technicians at the shop, there is still a part that you should play to maintain your car’s condition. So, what do you do when the paint experts at the leading autobody shop in San Antonio are done with your vehicle?

Check for Flaws

The moment you realize that the work is not as satisfactory as expected, inform the technicians immediately. Are you aware that one of the most challenging parts about painting a vehicle is precisely matching the color to the original paint? To avoid problems here is what you can do:

  • Ensure that you are examining the car on a bright and sunny day
  • Check the car from both near and a bit further
  • Be on the lookout for overspray, dirt, and hairs
  • Ensure that the paint job is even and smooth

Adhere to Extreme Care for the Next 1-2 Months

When you bought your car, you most likely treated it like eggshells, being extra-careful, taking care of it, and safeguarding its shiny new paintwork. After a paint job, this is the exact way in which you should treat the car as it requires time to harden before it can truly be protective.

Keep in mind that new cars get some extra time in protected showrooms before they are sold, while a newly-repaired vehicle gets back on the road ASAP. This is why added love and care is recommended.

Everyday Stuff That Can Wreck Your Car’s Paintwork

As you drive around tending to your daily activities, you are bound to come across things that might ruin the fresh paint on the car, including:

  • Construction Zones and Dirt Roads

Sometimes it is unavoidable to escape the dirt and loose gravel on the road. But if you can stay away from large construction areas and dirt roads while the paint is fresh, it would significantly protect the paint. Note that new paintwork is vulnerable to scrapes and chipping from flying debris.

  • Chipping or Scrapping at Snow/Ice

In winter or prolonged spring, it is sometimes necessary to chip away at the ice and snow on your car’s windshield and glass surfaces. While doing that, be extremely careful not to scrap the paint too!

  • Bird Droppings

Apart from being incredibly gross, bird poop on your car can ruin the paint job. The droppings consist of acidic berries, grainy bits, and hardened seeds, all of which can scratch and dull the paintwork.

  • Splattered Bugs and Insects

Splattered bugs on your car’s windshield and body can be highly irritating, but that’s the least of your problems. Due to the acidic nature of insect splatter, your paintwork can be damaged, and the splatter can become permanently etched on to the car’s surface.

  • Sunlight

Sunlight can wreak utter devastation to your fresh coat of paint. In the same manner that the sun’s UV rays damage human skin, they also lead to dulling and fading of the paintwork.

  • Tree Sap

Leaving your car under a tree makes it highly vulnerable to tree sap. As innocent as tree sap might look, its sticky composition is full of chemical substances that should not mix with your car paint. Always settle for alternative shady areas rather than trees.

  • Washing the Car

Keeping your vehicle clean and in pristine condition is another way of safeguarding the paintwork. When washing the car, avoid chemicals, laundry or dish detergents, and ensure that the water doesn’t contain any pebbles or dust.

Miracle Body and Paint Services

As your trustworthy autobody shop in San Antonio, Miracle Body and Paint are committed to providing the best repair and paint services, plus any advice that you might need regarding how to keep your car running for a long time. Visit us or give us a call, and get ready for an auto repair experience of a lifetime!