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Types of Car Paint for an Auto Collision Repair Job
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The Importance of Repainting a Car

Professional car painter blasting a car part with a base coat paint in a workshop.

Repainting a car is an integral part of the repair process after an auto collision. A car repaint job with the use of quality paint not only restores a car, but also helps prevent corrosion and keeps the car looking its best. There are numerous reasons why quality paint must be used in a car repainting job at a (paint and body shop), as discussed in an article on

An (auto accident) repair may require both repair and replacement jobs by a (collision center) but it is not complete without paintwork that includes priming, painting and sealing.

Paintwork Protects a Car

Premium quality paint and a thorough job give protection to the body of the car that lasts for years. And, it makes a car look shiny and new. The paintwork on a car does three things: helps protects the car’s components, prevents rust and keeps the car’s resale value.

The paint itself shields the components of a car because it is the final layer that prevents the components from getting damaged when the car is on the road. The application of a well-sealed coating on steel components provides durability to them, allowing them to withstand salt, gravel, harsh weather and road debris for years. Furthermore, a car paint job by an auto (body shop) prevents corrosion as a result of a fender bender. Skipping the paint job in the repair process may leave a hole where corrosion can enter. Damaged paintwork only allows rust to spread on the car’s body and components. And, rust can spread just below the surface and makes paint in other areas chip off. Moreover, when it comes a car’s resale value, a thorough job with the use of quality paintwork helps in keeping a car to maintain its Blue Book price.

Auto Body Paint Types

There are plenty of options for car paints in the auto body industry. Customers at an auto body repair and paint shop should be prepared to be asked what paint type they prefer. Options, as stated on, include acrylic lacquer, acrylic enamel, urethane and water-based paint. It is recommended to wax the car as soon as it has been repainted to keep the paint job looking bright and shiny.